PCL West opened its doors in January 1989 in Downtown Los Angeles with the intention of becoming a photographic leader and a nationally recognized photo lab.

PCL West was started by Victor Fujikake, who after having served overseas Active Duty in the United States Army came home with a love for photography and the drive to learn the photography business. He was hired by Mike Trerotola at Alfa Color in Los Angeles, Ca, which at that time was nationally known for its quality and service. Victor worked as Operations Manager at Alfa Color for many years and was always harboring an ambition to own his own business.

After managing for a number of years at a very successful Alfa Color, Victor then decided to open his own lab and to make his contribution to the world of photography. With a loan and a dream, Victor began buying the best equipment that could be purchased and opened his doors with the best people he could find.  

Pretty quickly after opening, PCL West's reputation for quality developed and we were on our way and Victor began to achieve his dream of working with our customers in making the best photographs. Photographers came to us from all over Southern California, then calls from studios expanded to Northern California, then soon we were getting calls from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and the whole western half of the continent. Today, we proudly do business in all 50 states.

The ways of making pictures may have changed since opening our doors over 25 years ago. We still use silver-halide paper but, now we print photos digitally. Instead of enlargers and light bulbs, we use lasers and inks. Instead of darkrooms, we use computers in a lit lab environment. And while many other things have changed, the drive to produce the very best images for every one of our customers still remains with us. We are always innovating and ready to embrace anything that improves. The result we have is being able to constantly expand and develop. From Chromega enlargers to sophisticated laser writers, we have enjoyed every step of our history and have enjoyed keeping up with our customers who change right along with us.  

Today we continue to invest in the right technologies and we continue to hire the right people, many of whom came from Brooks Institute, Art Center College of Design and University of Southern California, so we can serve you as you wish and need to be served.




Customer Service Team

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Claudia, Jeannie & Maritza | customerservice@pclwest.com

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Accounting & Administrative Manager