Album Details

Each of our flush mount albums is individually, handmade made. All prints are carefully color matched and bound using glues that do not harm color stability. All the prints are made on professional paper, not a cheap consumer alternative. The images are then bound using only the finest leathers or unique photographic techniques we can purchase. We package them carefully to insure they arrive to you without damage and are ready to give to your client.

Once your client sees our albums, they will be confirmed that they have chosen a photographer with taste, one who knows quality and delivers only the finest. We make you look like you want to be seen with integrity.


Turnaround Time

Since all our albums are hand-crafted and made in house, it takes 10 working days to finish.
If album support is needed, more time may be needed to complete the order.


Studio Sample Policy

Studio Sample discounts are available, 3 per year, samples must be minimum size 10x10:

-One at 50% Off 

-Two additional samples at 25% off

A "Studio Demo" stamp is placed on the back of the album. Album swatches are available at no extra cost, please make a note in your special instructions if you want to include a swatch set.

Discounts do not apply to Jenna and Senior albums, as they are economically priced.


Technical Specifications

Please design pages at the finished size. For example: a 10x10 album should be sized 10x10 inches for a single page or 10x20 inches for a spread.

Please allow for 1/4 inch trim all around the page.

The gutter is a 1-1.5mm black line down the center of the spread.

Gutterless panoramic pages are also available.

All files submitted must be JPG with a minimum 200 dpi to maximum 300 dpi, in the sRGB colorspace. TIFF and PSD files are not accepted through ROES.

All cover specifications and PSD templates are available for download within each specific album style here on our website.


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