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Design an Album in Under 20mins!

With Fundy Software you can design super fast and it's pretty fun too. A few weeks ago we did a webinar with Fundy to show you how fast it can be done.

Fundy then sent us the album that they made through Album Builder and we made it super fast (2 weeks!). you can't get much more efficient than that. From the webinar, we made an Acyrlic album with the Dim Grey Silk fabric, for a modern, unique album that every customer would love to have sitting out on their coffee table.


Album Design

We often get calls about album design and wanted to offer another option besides designing in ROES or designing yourself in Photoshop. One of our customers, Rebecca English, along with doing wedding photography, runs a succesful design business. She's been in the wedding photography industry for over 10 years as both a designer and photographer. Her design company can be found here: RKEnglish Album Design.

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