The Eterna is like the popular kid at school; everyone wants to get to know them, be near them and bask in their glory- but, we have a secret for you (and your brides), the Eterna is the most accessible album around: it has the most material options, it can be imprinted and it's even laminated to be super durable. Now what popular kid can say that? The best part is that the Eterna wants to hold all of the wedding day's best photos close and show them off well. We bet the Eterna can get you a spot at the cool table with your brides.

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Eterna 5x5 Cover PSD              Eterna 5x7 Cover PSDs          Eterna 7x10H Cover PSD

Eterna 8x10V Cover PSD          Eterna 8x8 Cover PSD            Eterna 10x10 Cover PSD

Eterna 12x12 Cover PSD          Eterna 10x14 Cover PSDs


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