FAQs > ROES > 7. Can I save the album I am working on and then open it later?

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Yes, if you choose the Open and Save button on bottom of the ROES window you will be able to save and then open when you would like to come back to the project. It is recommended that you do not move the saved file from location to location as this may corrupt the file. This recommendation also extends to where the photo files being used for your project are located.

There is an Auto-Save feature, but do not rely on it, as it is 100% dependable. In the Preferences, you can change your back up days from the default 15 days to a longer period of a recommended 90 days or more. With a longer back up day period you will be able to access older queued files easily.

Last updated on January 10, 2012 by PCL West Imaging