Green Screen

Different backgrounds are great to excite students. They can enjoy choosing the perfect match for their personality. Expanding their options will only make their life and your life easier. Working with us for Green Screen will free up the post-production work so you can do what you do best: engage with the student to get the best possible photo. We can expand your sales and make your life easier to allow you to capture the perfect image. You take the picture, we'll do the rest!

To get started using green screen with us, please send in a 3 images so we may test your files and make sure they will be ok for knockout services.

Lighting Set Up Tips

  • Background should be clean and free of wrinkles.
  • Placement of subject and light should be consistent throughout shoot.
  • Green screen should be be 1-2 stops lighter than the subject and should not be over-exposed.
  • Subject should be at least 4 feet away from background to ensure correct exposure.


Assortment of Backgrounds

Please call for PDF of all background choices