Print Services

When we at PCL West say we offer unsurpassed quality, we can back it up...

All of our production employees undergo rigorous training with color and the software requirements to make the finest images possible. You will not spend precious time calling us for corrections.

All our printing machines are color matched so, you will not need to worry that large prints will match small prints. Your entire order will look the same and you will look your best to your client.

You have the choice of your images being personally color corrected image by image or printed exactly how you sent them.

We calibrate our printing machines at the beginning of each day and color match each color corrected file to insure that the flesh tones and color reproduction are equal to the beauty you captured.

We store your image for 5 months on our servers with color correction details so that you will not need to be concerned if a reorder will match the original.

Unlike some other labs, we use only professional grade paper in a full range of sizes and finishing options. This insures that you get professional color saturation and flesh tone reproduction as well as the best long term image stability.

And to make it easy on you, all print services can be ordered online through ROES.  

Paper Surfaces

  • Kodak Premier Luster
  • Kodak Premier Metallic (Add 20% to price)
  • Fuji Deep Matte (only available for album prints)


Mounting & Finishing

PCL West offers several options for professional mounting and finishing including textures, spray finishes and multiple mounting options such as double weight mount, gator and Masonite. Mounting services can be added from the options palette to any color correct or straight output print in ROES.


Pricing and available sizes can be obtained from the login on our home page or by setting up an account.