Sports Products

We offer over 25 additional sports products to compliment and add value to traditional package prints. These products can be ordered in the ROES PCL Sports Catalog, we offer generic templates for many sports including: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Cheerleading, Wrestling, Volleyball and Waterpolo. More sports are always being added, if you do not see the sport templates you're looking for please call Customer Service.


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8x10 Print Products

A must-have for any sport package. The classic Memory Mate combines the team photo with an individual. The Digital Magazine Cover makes a child feel and look like a professional athlete!


Banners & Pennants

Our banners and pennants come in a variety of sizes and finishes, including the super durable, all-weather outdoor vinyl or the stardard laminated finish. These banners and pennants make any kid look like a super star.

                    12x36 Print Products                                                        Magnets

Our large scale 12x36 print products are perfect for the athlete that likes to shine! Magnets are the perfect add-on for grandparents and any parent.

                                 Drinkware                                                             Plaques

When going to work in the morning, any of our drinkware is great for the morning cup at home or great to take on the commute. Plaques can instantly be shown off- no frame needed! The round and rectangle plaques come ready to hang and the hinged plaque is great for any desk or table.

Novelty Products

There's no better way to show support for any child than a button. Every player on the team loves to trade cards with their team mates! A luggage tag will help a player know which black bag is theirs so they can make sure to pick up the right one at the end of practice. The photo sculpture is like your child having a trophy all their own.


 Novelty Products

Seat Cushions help any cold stadium seat comfortable for a long stretch of time, and when the team is winning and they need to be cheered on, it becomes and instant poster for them to win! Mouse pads will brighten any desk space instantly with the warm smile of their athlete. The clipboard will help any parent keep score and can become an additional poster to cheer on their child.