School Details

Every kid remembers school picture day: the lights, the photographer (you!) making sure they smile and then finally, when the photos are sent to the school, that they are perfect to give out to grandparents and friends. We make it easy for you to send out the photos and have them perfect for each child.

Our fast turnaround time and attention to detail, even with thousands of kids in each order, you'll know that you and your schools are taken care of. We use the best software and well seasoned professionals to attend to your orders. When setting up your account, we go through all the details of how you would like an order done, so each time it's done right.

With low prices for high volume, you'll be able to focus on getting more schools and doing what you love best, photographing each smiling child.


Turnaround Time

Each image is carefully checked and is packaged correctly. Due to the volume of school orders, the turnaround time may vary by volume but should be done within 5 days. Additionally, novelty products vary in service time, most being completed in 3-5 days.


Studio Sample Policy

All school novelty products can receive a 20% off studio sample discount, please note this in ROES when placing an order.


Technical Specifications

All school products should have head room for each individual child photographed to be aesthetically pleasing, please test each product in ROES before sending the file to be sure it will print accurately. Each file should be a minimum of 200 dpi and with the maximum of 300 dpi, in the sRGB colorspace, with the correct sizing for the product chosen.