Sports Details

Our sports packages and products offer the most innovative and up to date trends in regards to little league and high school sports. Packages have a fast turnaround time and are checked to the tee to make sure that it goes out correctly to you, to make it easy and fast for you deliver to your school or league.

Our unique and one of a kind designs are designed in lab by our graphics department for the best looking designs around. With these, you'll have something that no other photographer can offer: personalized, great looking templates that are fast and easy to order in ROES. If you need something a little more customized to the school or league, our graphics department can help to set you apart even more.

We offer everything that you need for the "wow factor" on your order sheet- key chains, mugs, dog tags and lots more. We have all the products with all the sports you photograph, you just take the photos!


Turnaround Time

All of our sports products are thoroughly Quality Checked before being sent to you and products vary in service time depending on volume, most are done within 3-5 days.


Studio Sample Policy

All sports products can receive a 20% off studio sample discount, please note this in ROES when placing an order.


Technical Specifications

Most sports products should have head room and negative space around the team or individual in the photograph to be aesthetically pleasing, please test each product in ROES before sending the file to be sure it will print accurately. Each file should be a minimum of 200 dpi and with the maximum of 300 dpi, in the sRGB colorspace, with the correct sizing for the product chosen.