Press Printed Products

Greeting Cards

Sometimes a photo is best for an annoucement, a birth or engagement and the best way to show off that photo is with a press printed greeting card. With a variety of sizes, you'll be able to give your customers exactly what they'd like to send out to family and friends. Using the My Digital Cards and Calandars software, you'll be able to choose from a variety of templates and backgrounds. While, using ROES will allow you to drop in a pre-designed template and easily order prints to go along with the order.



Press Printed Books

A Press Printed Book is a great cost-effective option for a parent album to pair with a flush mount album from the Avant Garde series. The pages of the Press Printed Book are thinner but display the album photos just as brightly. With the Press Printed Book you have the option of full photo wrap, leather or fabric (see swatches here) with imprinting options.




Greeting Card templates are available in ROES and in My Digital Calandars and Cards. ROES offers a simple, drag and drop in template for press cards and My Digital Calandars and Cards offers free pre-made templates, designs and clip art. 


Press Book templates are available in the My Digital Photo Book Software. Free pre-made templates, backgrounds and themes are available for your use with the software, just download to get started!